Quadratically Convergent Algorithm for Computing Real Root of Non-Linear Transcendental Functions

Published in National Conference on Applications of Mathematical and Engineering Sciences, 2014

This paper describes a new algorithm to find a root of non-linear transcendental equations. It is found that Regula-Falsi method always gives guaranteed result but slow convergence. However, Newton–Raphson method does not give guaranteed result but faster than Regula-Falsi method. Therefore, the present paper used these two ideas and developed a new algorithm which has better convergence than Regula-Falsi and guaranteed result. One of the major issue in Newton–Raphson method is, it fails when first derivative is zero or approximately zero.
Results: The proposed method implemented the failure condition of Newton–Raphson method with better convergence. Error calculation has been discussed for certain real life examples using Bisection, Regula-Falsi, Newton–Raphson method and new proposed method. The computed results show that the new proposed quadratically convergent method provides better convergence than other methods.

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