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Data Science- An Exploratory Career

March 31, 2020

Guest Lecture, GirlScript, Zoom Call, Bangalore, India

This lecture was organized by GirlScript as part of the #CovidCodingProgram’s expert guide for Data Science to help others understand about data science and it’s scope.

Data Science and Machine Learning using Python

March 14, 2020

Workshop, Sreenivasa Institute of Technology and Management Studies, Chittoor, India

This workshop was organized by SITAMS as part of the “One Day National Level Technical Workshop” supported by ATAL and Computer Society of India.

Introduction to Qiskit

February 29, 2020

Workshop, Quantum Computing India, Commune Coworks, Bangalore, India

This workshop introduces you to qiskit, its element and help you in setting up a IBM cloud account to program on quantum simulators and actual quantum computers.

Image Classification using TF 2.0

October 20, 2019

Tutorial, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India

This tutorial shows how to classify cats or dogs from images. It builds an image classifier using a tf.keras.Sequential model and load data using tf.keras.preprocessing.image.ImageDataGenerator.

Automated Image Captioning using TF 2.0

September 15, 2019

Tutorial, Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India

The purpose of this tutorial was to explain (in as simple words as possible) that how Deep Learning can be used to solve this problem of generating a caption for a given image, hence the name Image Captioning. This talk was conducted as a part of an initiative for Explore ML program from Google.

Python for Data Science

February 27, 2019

Tutorial, Electronics for You Conference (IoTShow), Bangalore, India

In this training, attendees learnt the latest in-demand skill set of Data Science and Machine Learning. During the training, not only they learnt but also they worked on live projects which helped them in testing their skills and a better understanding of concepts.

Tweet-Driven Mozfest-Storytelling

October 28, 2018

Talk and Hands-on, Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne University, London, UK

In this session, together we analyzed the Live Tweets for the MozFest 2018 using a platform built on python libraries.
We created a number of visualizations using the scraped tweets and we discussed best ways of presenting data and engaging with the audience in order to analyze sentiments.

Introduction to Big Data and Trends

February 08, 2015

Talk, United College of Engineering and Management, Department of Computer Science, Allahabad, India

In this session, the most emerging research topic “Big Data” was introduced. Big Data is a term used to describe a collection of data that is huge in size and yet growing exponentially with time.

How Technology Has Changed in The Last 20 Years

October 30, 2014

Talk, United Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science, Allahabad, India

This talk was conducted as a part of an initiative from Microsoft for empowering Women in Tech. Microsoft aims to inspire women to plan an active role in technology.